Roman Centurion Helmet Thimble


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The Roman Centurion Helmet Thimble resembles an actual Roman helmet in miniature, offering its own protection to the wearer! This novel little thimble comes in a clear acetate box and includes a historical information card that explains details about the helmet. Like a real centurion helm, this Roman thimble features an extended back, as well as cheek protectors that extend down from the sides of the helm. It also features a horizontal crest on the top of the helm. Helmets of this design were popular throughout the Roman Empire, although this particular helmet design would have been most prominent around the year 75 AD, when Emperor Vespasian ruled. This miniature helmet makes a great sewing aid or collectible for history buffs.

Key Features:

  • Displays miniature Roman helmet replica
  • Works great as a sewing tool
  • Comes with an informational card
  • Makes a great gift or collectible


  • Made of pewter


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