Roman Centurion Costume Helmet

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This Roman Centurion Costume Helmet is a simple yet decorative touch that can and should be added to any great looking Roman costume. Not only does the helm provide a protective look, but it also adds a bit of colorful decoration to the costume, too. This helmet is made entirely from plastic, which makes it a costume helm only. It features a rather simple appearance, mimicking classic Roman construction in that it covers the crown and back of the head, while leaving the ears and face mostly open, to allow for ease of hearing, seeing, and communicating. The top of the helmet features a regal crest that is filled with frizzy, synthetic red hair. The helmet features a polished metallic brass finish, which makes it look similar to real metal. Not only is this Roman Centurion Costume Helmet a great addition to a variety of Roman era warrior costumes, but it is also a nice touch to a variety of other costumes, thanks to a simple yet effective appearance that could benefit many warriors from several different eras.

Key Features:

  • An Impressively Styled Roman Helmet
  • Features a Simple Look with a Frizzy Red Plume
  • Possesses a Realistic Looking Metallic Brass Color
  • Looks Fantastic On Roman Legion, Centurion, or Soldier Costumes
  • Great for Halloween, Renaissance Fairs, Stage Productions, and More


  • Helmet Crafted from High-Quality Plastic
  • Accented with Faux Feather Plume


  • Fits a 24 Inch head circumference


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