Rock Island Railroad Police Badge


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Open from 1852 to 1980 in Chicago, IL the Rock Island Railroad at its peak it had over 7000 miles of track and connected major cities like Chicago, Denver and Houston. But they liquidated suddenly in 1980 leaving a large gap in Americas railroads. Now you can own a bit of those histories with the Rock Island Police Badge. This badge is shield shaped and has the early Rock Island symbol in the middle and it is surrounded by banners that read RAILROAD POLICE. The badge is crafted with an antiqued brass finish and is double die struck to ensure the best detailing possible. Rock Island Police Badge would make a great addition to any badge or train collection.

Key Features:

  • Reproduction of a badge from the era of trains
  • Crafted with an antique brass finish
  • Double die struck for study build and great detail
  • Soldered pin allows badge to be easily worn
  • A great collectible, costume accessory or gift idea


  • Made from brass


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