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Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor was Robin Hoods lifestyle, and an exciting one to be sure. We cannot all live such exciting lives, but for a short time you can enjoy the spirit of that life in the Robin Hood of Nottingham Mens Costume. Please note that just because Robin Hood supposedly did it successfully, actually stealing from the rich, whatever the intent, is likely a very, very bad choice. Obviously, we do not condone such a course of action. This medieval inspired costume features a woodsy green velvet tunic as well as a brown hood, a belt, a single arm bracer, and a pair of faux leather boot covers, all of which are shaded a deep brown reminiscent of tree bark. Almost any pair of pants can be paired with this costume, even jeans or khakis. Grab your favorite medieval inspired prop weapon or toy arrow to complete the look shown here. The Robin Hood of Nottingham Mens Costume is a fun outfit for Halloween. It is easy and comfortable, all things anyone could want out of a good Halloween costume. It is also of such a classic appearance that it works perfectly well at medieval festivals and fairs, as well as a Renaissance fair or two. You might pull off a Robin Hood look or you might just masquerade as a woodsman, depending on character and taste. This Robin Hood costume also performs well for stage productions.

Key Features:

  • Superior quality Halloween costume
  • Includes tunic, hood, belt, gauntlet, and boot covers
  • Easy to combine with almost any pair of pants and prop weapon
  • Great for costume parties and Halloween
  • Awesome as a woodsman costume for medieval and Renaissance fairs and festivals
  • Appropriate for rugged, woodsy characters as a stage or theater costume


  • Made from polyester fabric in faux suede and velvet textures


  • Medium: Chest – 38-40 Inches, Waist – 32-34 Inches, Neck – 15-15.5 Inches
  • Large: Chest – 42-44 Inches, Waist – 36-38 Inches, Neck – 16-16.5 Inches
  • X-Large: Chest – 46-48 Inches, Waist – 40-42 Inches, Neck – 17-17.5 Inches


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