Rickard Stark Brass Half Penny

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The father of Eddard Stark, Rickard Stark served as lord during the reign of Aerys II, who burned him alive in trial-by-combat. The Rickard Stark Brass Half Penny displays an image of a bearded Rickard on the obverse. The reverse bears the direwolf sigil of House Stark and the word WINTERFELL. The brass coin features the date 263 AL and a small ribbon banner marked to show it is a half penny. Fans of a Song of Ice and Fire can now enjoy adding this detailed piece to their Game of Thrones coin collections.

Key Features:

  • A licensed Game of Thrones product
  • Made from brass
  • Features profiles of Rickard Stark and a direwolf
  • Coin is slightly smaller than a U.S. Dime
  • Wonderful collectible or gift for fans of the books or HBO show


  • Diameter: 0.6 Inch


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