Remote Control Zombie

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There is no better way to prepare your family for a zombie outbreak than by terrorizing them with your Remote Control Zombie! Once activated, this zombie will send survivors fleeing for the first hiding spot they find. There is something horrifyingly entertaining about this remote control gizmo. When activated, the zombie trudges forward at a slow, undead gait while groaning. It is articulated at the neck, shoulders, and hips, which is what allows this ghoulish figure to shuffle forward and move its arms just like a good zombie should. The Remote Control Zombie stands 7.75 inches tall and comes with a 2.75 inch remote that is shaped like a brain. Just press the button, and the zombie springs to life, metaphorically speaking. The zombie and the remote are made from plastic, and they require three AAA batteries to run (batteries not included). Give yourself hours of entertainment by scaring survivors into action with your own Remote Control Zombie! Just make sure you are not so busy tormenting your fellow survivors that you do not notice a real zombie when it does approach!

Key Features:

  • Includes Trudging Zombie and Remote Control
  • Made from Plastic
  • Zombie Moves and Groans
  • Requires 3 AAA Batteries to Run
  • Incredibly Novel Zombie Toy and Prop

Box Measurements:

  • Height (Toy): 7.75 Inches


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