Red Foam Samurai Katana


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Harkening back to the age of samurai, the Red Foam Samurai Katana is inspired by traditional Japanese blades. Made out of safe and dense latex-free foam, this prop weapon features a bold red color creating a wrapped look along its black hilt. The rectangular guard has a wooden coloration, adding to the detailed look of this costume katana. A safe yet authentically styled prop for costumes, cosplays, and other themed events, wield the Red Foam Samurai Katana whenever the occasion calls for a display of ancient, time-honored weaponry without the dangers of a real blade.

Key Features:

  • Inspired by historic Japanese blades
  • Hilt has the look of red wrapping over black grip
  • Square guard displays wooden coloration
  • Great for costumes and cosplays
  • Fun prop for historic or Japanese themed events


  • Made of dense foam


  • Overall Length: 38 Inches


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