Red Captain Morgan Pirate Coat

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Captain Henry Morgan might just be the most well-known pirate in the modern day, and this Red Captain Morgan Pirate Coat pays homage to this infamous pirate and privateer, who sailed the seas raiding the Spanish in search of plunder and fame. To many, this coat might just be the quintessential pirate garment, as it evokes the same style and look that many pirates have featured in film and fiction over the past several years. The coat is distinctively styled and vibrant in its look, being made from fine blood red cotton velvet. Rich, vibrant, and bright, this coat is sure to grab others attention, especially when you consider the beautiful gold rope trip that adorns the coats cuffs and body. Brass buttons add in the final touch that really makes this coat stand out as a stellar garment. The coat is available in four sizes, and it need not be said that it makes for a perfect addition to just about any pirate costume that you might plan to make. Just do not be surprised if, when you wear this Red Captain Morgan Pirate Coat, people start offering up their valuables to you because they are mistaking you for the pirate that you so closely resemble.

Key Features:

  • An Iconic and Stylish Pirate Coat
  • Made from Luxurious Cotton Velvet
  • Features a Red Cotton Lining for Comfort
  • Decorated with Hand Applied Gold Rope Trim
  • Has Brass Button Closures
  • Great for Virtually Any Pirate Costume


  • Small: Fits a 34-36 Inch Chest
  • Medium: Fits a 38-40 Inch Chest
  • Large: Fits a 42-44 Inch Chest
  • X-Large: Fits a 46-48 Inch Chest


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