Red Beard Skeleton Mask

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Among the greatest warriors are those who have fallen in battle, but their fight is far from over. With the Red Beard Skeleton Mask, you can embrace the determination of an undead warrior come back to win the war he waged years ago. This incredible mask is crafted from high-quality latex, decorated in stunning detail that brings this warrior back to life. A distinctive red beard lines the chin of the skull, its hue showing off the beaded tendrils. The warrior was given a battle-worn horned helmet that was ideal for striking fear into the hearts of his enemies! Dark circles surround the eye sockets, providing a dynamic outline to the prominent eyeholes. To keep to a complete look, this Halloween mask has been constructed to completely cover the head. Whether you want to join in the battle or dress up for another event, the Red Beard Skeleton Mask is the perfect mask to add to your arsenal!

Key Features:

  • Portrays skeletal warrior in stunning detail
  • Overhead design conceals the entire face
  • Prominent eye openings provide vision
  • Amazing choice for skeleton warrior and other monster looks
  • Great for Halloween, theatre productions, and more


  • Made from high-quality latex


  • One Size Fits Most Adults and Older Teens


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