Red and Black Lace Underbust Corset



Posh satin and elegant black lace go together as well as the colors black and red do, and luckily, this Red and Black Lace Underbust Corset features both combinations, making it a striking and attractive garment that pairs nicely with any ensemble. This underbust corset features a black and red paneled satin base, where the black and red panels alternate. Each red panel is decorated with an attractive black lace overlay that features pretty floral patterns set into the lace. The end result between the two is a vibrant and brilliant look that is difficult to beat, even under the best of circumstances. The corset laces up the back with a length of black string, and it also features 4 garter loops. The corset is constructed from 3 layers of fabric, with the outer layer consisting of the satin base with the lace overlay, while the 2 inner layers consist of high quality cotton. The middle layer has also been laminated to the outer layer for an added measure of strength. A steel busk is featured at the front of the corset, where it is reinforced by 2 steel bars that sit adjacent to it, while the back lacing grommets are also supported by 4 additional steel bars. The corsets boning is comprised of 20 flexible spiral steel stays, which provide the corset with all the body, flexibility, and additional strength it needs. Its solid construction allows this corset to be worn tight-laced for hours on end with little difficulty, and the corset can also be used for the purpose of waist-training and waist-reduction. Whether you are wearing casual street clothes or a formal gown, complete your ensemble with the Red and Black Lace Underbust Corset and you will immediately find yourself loving the touch of color and feminine style that it adds to any look. This corset would be a lovely addition to any Medieval, Renaissance, Pirate, or Steampunk themed outfit.

Key Features:

  • Contains 20 Flexible Spiral Steel Stays
  • Front and Back are Reinforced with Steel
  • Made Using 3 Layers of Fabric
  • Possesses 4 Garter Loops
  • Features Waist Tape
  • Laced with Black String


  • To get the perfect corset size, subtract 3 inches from your natural waist measurement. Your natural waist is just above your naval. It is always best to round down to an even number, if your measurement turns out to be an odd number.
  • Natural Waist: 23-24 Inches, Corset Size 20
  • Natural Waist: 25-26 Inches, Corset Size 22
  • Natural Waist: 27-28 Inches, Corset Size 24
  • Natural Waist: 29-30 Inches, Corset Size 26
  • Natural Waist: 31-32 Inches, Corset Size 28
  • Natural Waist: 33-34 Inches, Corset Size 30
  • Natural Waist: 35-36 Inches, Corset Size 32
  • Natural Waist: 37-38 Inches, Corset Size 34
  • Natural Waist: 39-40 Inches, Corset Size 36
  • Natural Waist: 41-44 Inches, Corset Size 38

Corset Dimensions:

  • Center Front: 11-12 inches with a 10 inch Busk
  • Side Length: 9.75 – 10.5 inches
  • Center Back: 12.25 – 13 inches
  • Underbust To Hip: 9.5 – 10 inches


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