Realistic Hypodermic Needle

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Do you remember your last shot when the doctor said that this will not hurt a bit? When this Realistic Hypodermic Needle is involved, you cannot say that, because it looks like it is going to hurt and quite a bit at that. Luckily, this prop is not a real hypodermic needle and cannot be used as such, although it certainly looks the part. This prop is designed to look like a hypodermic needle, featuring a large plunger contained inside a hollow, round tube that ends with a realistic looking needle. From a distance, there is no telling this Realistic Hypodermic Needle apart from an actual one, and even when you get up close, this wicked prop is a sinister tool that, in the hands of a zombie doctor or a mad scientist, will still make you swallow down a new lump of fear in the back of your throat

Key Features:

  • A Prop Hypodermic Needle
  • Designed For Costume Purposes Only
  • A Disturbingly Realistic Hypo Needle design
  • Features a Realistic Looking Needle Point
  • Perfect Addition to Any Crazy Surgeon, Mad Scientist, or Zombie Doctor Costume
  • Great for Zombie Outbreaks, Zombie Walks, Halloween, Costumed Events, and More


  • Crafted from High-Quality Plastic


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