Raven Earrings

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As you hit the town tonight, make your presence known with the stunning Raven Earrings, which will capture the attention of others. Your friends will be impressed by this daring addition to your wardrobe as you proudly wear them in public. This unique set was crafted from lead free pewter and has textured details. Each feather on the birds has been carefully cut to enhance the realistic design. The wings are at full extension as these items seem to be soaring through the air. This piece is sold as a set of hook style earrings so they can be easily paired with any outfit. Do not pass up your chance to enhance your personal style with gothic elements like the dazzling Raven Earrings.

This item cannot be returned or exchanged once removed from its original packing.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from quality pewter
  • Inspired by ravens
  • Features authentic details
  • Ideal for gifting or casual wearing
  • Sold as a set of hook style earrings


  • Width: 0.6 Inch
  • Length: 0.9 Inch


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