Ragnar’s Axe with Leather Frog


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If you like to fight with a Viking axe on the battlefield, then you are sure to appreciate the Ragnar’s Axe with Leather Frog. This Viking axe has an ash wood handle and a 2Cr13 stainless-steel axe head. The blackened axe head has a bearded blade. A bearded blade extends further downward than it does upwards. The axe head has a single socket that fits on the haft. Strips of brown leather crisscross over the socket and continue down the straight haft. At the bottom of the haft, there is a wrapped grip. The brown grip has a ridge at the bottom to help prevent hands from sliding off of the handle.

Finally, this axe comes with the Leather Axe Frog (200028). The black frog has a ring to hold the functional axe and a pair of loops at the top for sliding onto a belt, not included. You can take the Ragnar’s Axe with Leather Frog to a historical reenactment or add it to your Viking armoury.

Key Features:

  • Fully functional
  • Has a bearded blade
  • Features a wrapped grip
  • Ridge to help prevent sliding
  • Comes with Leather Axe Frog (200028)
  • Great for reenactments


  • Blade is 2Cr13 stainless steel
  • Haft is ash wood
  • Frog is leather


  • Overall Length: 24.8 Inches
  • Blade Length: 5.8 Inches
  • Weight: 2 Pounds 4 Ounces

Measurements are approximate.


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