Raging Cu Chulainn Plaque


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Cu Chulainn was an ancient warrior of the Red Branch of Ulster, as well as a famous hero of Irish myth and legend. This Raging Cu Chulainn Plaque depicts him in the midst of his riastrad, as he fights against the warriors of his arch-enemy, Queen Maeve. In this particular scene, Cu Chulainn fights against Loch mac Mofemis. Caught in the midst of his riastrad, or battle rage, Cu Chulainn appears as a wild warrior, wearing little in the way of armor. Instead, he carries only a sword at his side and a shield in his hand, while wielding his legendary barbed spear, the Gae Bolg. Having previously been cursed by The Morrigan for insulting her, she tries to interfere with the fight, in the form of the eel that tangles like a knot around Cu Chulainns feet, but to no avail (he breaks her ribs by trampling her in the fight). This impressive plaque is crafted entirely in fine resin materials, and it comes in a faux wood finish. Fans of the Ulster Cycle, and Irish myth and folklore in general, will no doubt find that this Raging Cu Chulainn Plaque is right up their alley, thanks to its vivid depiction of such a legendary hero-figure.

Key Features:

  • An original design by sculptor Paul Borda
  • Inspired by an Irish tale about the hero, Cu Chulainn
  • Available in a faux wood finish
  • A fantastic home decor item
  • Great for personal use or gifting


  • Made of resin


  • Height: 5.25 Inches
  • Width: 4 Inches
  • Depth: 0.875 Inches


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