Quetzalcoatl Necklace


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Meaning feathered serpent, the Quetzalcoatl Necklace is named after and depicts an ancient deity who was credited with separating the sky from the ground. This attractive necklace features a great, winged figure perched atop a decorative circle. The winged figure appears much like a bird without curves. Every edge on the figure is straight and even, its wings outstretched in a show of grandeur. It perches on a rounded pendant, which features an attractive red stone as an eye, surrounded by sunburst designs and circular decorations. This necklace is made from a lead free alloy and possesses an attractive, gray metal appearance. It comes with a silver chain. The Quetzalcoatl Necklace is a beautiful depiction of an ancient deity of the sky that is perfect for wearing on virtually any occasion and makes a fantastic gift to give, particularly to those who favor ancient mythologies and their numerous traditions.

Key Features:

  • Made from Lead Free Alloy
  • Suitable for Everyday Wear
  • Features Intricate Detailing
  • Fantastic Personal Accessory or Gift Idea


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