Queen Victoria Figure

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This all-metal statuette is the Queen Victoria Figure, which depicts the queen who had the longest reign in British history. The statuette comes attached to a full-color information card, which features details about all four figures in the series. The figurine depicts Queen Victoria in all of her impressive regalia, making her look like the queen that she was. Her reign as queen is marked by an impressive growth in virtually all areas, including numerous cultural, political, economic, industrial, and scientific changes that make her tenure as queen a truly remarkable one. This figurine is made entirely from lead-free pewter, and it measures approximately 4 centimeters tall. It is one of four figurines in the Famous Victorians collection. She was perhaps one of the most memorable and noteworthy monarchs in British history, making this Queen Victoria Figure a great little remembrance of a past queen, as well as a fantastic collectible to acquire for yourself or give as a gift to another fellow enthusiast.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from Lead-Free Pewter
  • Impressively Detailed Appearance
  • One of Four In a Collection
  • A Great Gift or Personal Decoration
  • Comes with Full-Colored Information Card


  • Height: 1.6 Inches


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