Queen Ravenna Crown


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Fit for a queen and a dark witch, this Queen Ravenna Crown is a stunning accessory that is both darkly sinister and strangely beautiful, making it the perfect accessory for a queen who seeks infinite power and a lasting, eternal beauty. Featured in the film Snow White and the Huntsman, this crown was worn by Queen Ravenna whenever she presided over her courts in public, serving as a symbol of her queenly power while also acting as both an intimidating accessory and a complement to her own dark beauty. The crown is grey, making it look as though it is crafted from wrought iron or some other darkly hued metal, while featuring a series of jagged peaks that rise up around the crowns length. The base, by contrast, has an almost skeletal look, which serves to enhance the dark look of the accessory. The crown comes in two pieces, those being the crown proper and a headpiece that features a decorative hanging chain feature. The crown is crafted from sculpted plastic, which makes it light and fairly comfortable to wear, too. Combine this Queen Ravenna Crown with either of our Queen Ravenna costumes to make a complete look from the film, or wear it with your own evil queen looks to really bring out the sinister style of your favorite costume!

Key Features:

  • A Licensed Snow White and the Huntsman accessory
  • A quality costume accessory
  • A two part crown
  • Includes actual crown and a headpiece with decorative chain
  • Great for Use with our Queen Ravenna costumes
  • Also a Fantastic Accessory for Any Evil Queen or Sorceress


  • Made from sculpted plastic


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