Pulsing Zombie Brains Mask


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Though no longer able to properly be called living, zombies regain a low level of brain function – enough to animate their rotting forms and encourage their hunger. The Pulsing Zombie Brains Mask transforms you into the undead. This horrifying latex mask shows off a grotesque appearance of large bloody gashes over most of the greyish face, part of the visage reduced down to bone. The eyes of this horror mask appear bleached with pale blue centers. Freakout onlookers with the help of a pulsing brains smartphone app that can give a sense of motion to the forehead of the mask. No matter whether you use this as a Halloween mask or a costume mask for another event like a zombie walk, you are sure to be one of the eeriest dressed figures!

To animate the mask, download the free Digital Dudz app from the Apple App Store or Android Google Play store. Apple devices must be running iOS 5 or greater. Android must be running Android 2.2 or greater. Launch the animation for your mask, slide the device into the pocket, and play the video to bring your mask to life!

Key Features:

  • Depicts a gory zombie with exposed brain and flesh
  • Brains can be animated with smartphone app
  • Great for concealing your face
  • Fantastic for Halloween or costume events


  • Made from high-quality latex


  • Mask pocket can accommodate a mobile device with dimensions up to 6 inches by 3.25 inches – almost all smartphones, including the Galaxy Note II.


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