Professor Glasses

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These simple glasses are a subtle touch that never-the-less adds a big amount of character to a variety of costumes and ensembles. Particularly in the case of these Professor Glasses, they are perfect for adding an intelligent and knowledgeable look. This pair of glasses features simple black plastic frames with metal hinges, which contains round, clear lenses. Translucent as they are, they do not interfere with the wearers vision while also offering moderate protection against sunlight. Vintage and almost retro, these Professor Glasses are a great accessory that will transform anyone into a theoretical Einstein, or at least, it will have them looking like one!

Key Features:

  • Attractive and Vintage Looking Glasses
  • Fitted with Clear, Nonprescription Lenses
  • Rather Comfortable When Worn
  • Classy and Victorian in Style
  • Goes Great with Steampunk Styles and Other Looks


  • Made of high-quality plastic


  • One Size Fits Most


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