Prisoners Dungeon Chain


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Chains are a great way to keep a prisoner under control. This Prisoners Dungeon Chain comes to you from the medieval era, right out of a castle dungeon, offering you a collectible and a prop that is perfect for restraining just about anyone! These dungeon restraints consist of a single chain link that runs down the center of the body. Attached at the top of the link is a round ring that is placed around the neck of the wearer. This upper ring is hinged, and can be opened and closed with ease when unsecured. At the base of the central chain is a larger link that is connected to two straight bars. Both of these bars are bound to small links at the base, which wrap around the ankles. Worn completely and secured tightly, this Prisoners Dungeon Chain is fully capable of restricting a wearers range of movement, and its cast-iron finish makes it look like a real piece straight out of a castles medieval dungeon.

Key Features:

  • Modeled After the Chains Used to Restrict Prisoners in a Medieval Dungeon
  • Consists of a Central Chain with Restrictive Bindings
  • Possesses a Worn Metal Look and Finish
  • A Great Set Prop and Dungeon Accessory
  • An Equally Intriguing Collectible and Display Piece


  • Crafted Entirely from Cast Iron-Metal


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