Princess Emily Medieval Figure

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A beautiful young princess is always the center of attention at royal balls, and the same would likely be true of this Princess Emily Medieval Figure. Even rendered as she is, this figurine depicts a lovely princess in a gown that only accents her beauty. This elegant little figurine depicts a lovely young lady dressed in a flowing green gown, and as befitting her status as a princess, she also wears a small crown atop her head. Delicately sculpted from high quality plastic, this figurine is sure to provide hours of play for a child, as well as attract a few admiring glances from adults who never quite lost their love of medieval royalty and tales of princesses and princes. It is extremely safe, being one hundred percent phthalate and lead free, as well as being hand painted, which only highlights its impressive level of detail. It stands approximately 3.75 inches tall and includes with it a bit of information that provides some background on this pretty little princess. For a little girl who dreams of being a princess, this Princess Emily Medieval Figure is a great gift to give, allowing them to live out their princess dreams through their own childhood games, and even into later years, it can remain a fond memory and a lovely collectible.

Key Features:

  • Quality Sculpted and Hand Painted
  • Plastic Figures are 100% Phthalate and Lead Free
  • Modeled After a Regal Medieval Princess
  • Includes Information about the Princess
  • A Great Toy, Gift, or Collectible for All Ages


  • Height: 3.75 Inches


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