Premium Harry Potter Childs Hogwarts Robe



Through Harry Potter, J. K. Rowling reintroduced the world to magic and sparked in the hearts and minds of children the desire to attend her mythic school of Hogwarts and learn of magic, clad in their very own Premium Harry Potter Childs Hogwarts Robes. These deluxe robes are modeled after the very same robes that every student is issued the moment they enter Hogwarts, as well as the same robes that many students wear when they attend their class. The robe is long sleeved and all black, while also featuring a hood that any prospective student can draw up to shield themselves from the weather or from prying eyes. The robe also features a clasp in the front that keeps the robe securely closed. Please note that this item includes only the robe and the clasp, and all other items pictured are not included and are purely for decoration. Combine this stunning robe with some black slacks, a white shirt, and a tie, and you will have a Hogwarts uniform ready to go for your child, all but ensuring that, thanks to this Premium Harry Potter Childs Hogwarts Robe, they can vanish off into the wild world of witches and wizardry whenever they wish!

Key Features:

  • A Quality Halloween Costume
  • A Licensed Costume from the Harry Potter movies
  • Modeled After the Robe that Hogwarts Students Wear
  • Includes the Robe and the Clasp
  • Pants, Shirt, Shoes, Tie, Glasses, and Wand Not Included
  • Great for Boys and Girls
  • Fantastic for Halloween, Costume Parties, Everyday Play, and More


  • Made of polyester


  • Small: Fits a Height of 44-48 Inches and a Waist of 25-26 Inches
  • Medium: Fits a Height of 50-54 Inches and a Waist of 27-30 Inches
  • Large: Fits a Height of 56-60 Inches and a Waist of 31-34 Inches


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