Praetorian Leather Bracers


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Equally important as core protection to the warriors of old was hand protection. These Praetorian Leather Bracers offer protection for your hands but also a revived Roman style that is sure to make you look like a legionary or a centurion! The bracers offer protection for both the lower arm and the back of the hand, as well as a handsome look thanks to its rich brown and black dyed finish. Antique brass rivets decorate the bracer and a Roman phalerae rests as central adornment on the leather plating. The bracers are made from a combination of thick 9-10 oz. and soft 5-4 oz. vegetable leather. They are worn via lacing on the back and as such are highly adjustable. The addition of a hand-plate makes these Praetorian Leather Bracers highly protective and highly stylish, and they are a perfect way to complete your LARP look with a touch of old-world Roman style.

Key Features:

  • Hand dyed in a rich brown and black coloration
  • Decorated with antiqued brass rivets
  • Adorned with a central brass Roman phalerae accent
  • Worn via lacing on the back
  • Has a highly adjustable fit
  • Well-suited for use in LARP events, Renaissance fairs, stage productions, and more
  • Perfect for completing Roman looks and protecting you in battle


  • Hand crafted entirely from vegetable leather
  • Constructed with 9-10 oz. thick leather and soft 4-5 oz. leather


  • Length: 15.5 Inches
  • One Size Fits Most. Offers a highly adjustable fit.


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