Polypropylene Practice Claymore

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Great for sparring or using as a safe prop for cosplay, the Renaissance fair, or any other costuming event, this Polypropylene Practice Claymore has the look and approximate size of the real thing without a sharp, metal blade. Made of polypropylene foam, the long blade has a steel color and gold tone hilt, including traditional quatrefoil quillons angled towards the blade. The handle is black with a spiral texture for grip. Hone your sword fighting techniques or fittingly accessorize a costume with this medieval Scottish practice sword.

Key Features:

  • Extremely tough and durable
  • Blade has steel coloration
  • Hilt is black and gold
  • Great for practice and safe sparring
  • Safe accessory for costume and cosplay use


  • Made of polypropylene foam


  • Overall Length: 43.25 Inches

Measurements are approximate.


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