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Poignard is a French word that refers, typically, to a long, lightweight thrusting knife that originated in the Middle Ages and was used during the Renaissance in Western Europe, being favored by upper class citizens, nobility, and the knighthood. The traditional poignard featured an acute point and a continuously tapered blade, while this dagger features a straight-edged blade with a tapered point. It lacks the continual taper, but makes up for that lack with its strength and versatility. Like historical poignards, though, this dagger features a straight crossbar guard, which makes this dagger particularly useful for defense, while also featuring a leather-wrapped handle and a brass scent-stopper style pommel. The dagger measures approximately 17 inches long, and its blade is crafted from steel and left unsharpened, making it a great practice weapon as well as a good dagger to hang at your side for costume purposes. The dagger does not include a sheath. A poignard is a good dagger to have your side, not only as a side arm but also as a show of skill and rank, especially when you consider that this dagger was favored by the upper class, making it symbolic of wealth, nobility, and power.

Key Features:

  • A Classic French Renaissance Dagger
  • Possesses a Straight, Unsharpened Steel Blade
  • Grip is Leather Wrapped for a Secure Hold
  • An Excellent Costume Blade, Training Weapon, or Display Piece


  • The Blade is Made from High Carbon Steel
  • Features a Polished Brass Pommel and Guard


  • Overall Length: 16.9 Inches
  • Blade Length: 10.1 Inches
  • Weight: 13.2 Ounces


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