Plastic Snow White Sword

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When Snow White chose to fight against the Evil Queen Ravenna, she did not march into battle in a dress, armed with her dagger. Instead, she took up the arms of a knight, including a warriors sword that looked quite like this Plastic Snow White Sword. This sword is modeled after the same blade that Snow White took up when she led the Dukes soldiers in a raid against Queen Ravenna, in an attempt to destroy the evil queen and take back what was rightfully hers. The sword is a classic knights sword at its finest, possessing a broad, silver hued blade with a triple fuller, as well as a gold toned hilt and sphere pommel with a spiral styled beige grip. The sword is designed for realism and crafted from sculpted plastic, which makes it quite safe to carry and wield. As its name implies, this sword makes for a great addition to our Snow White Warrior costumes, although the Plastic Snow White Sword also works wonders as a blade for any female knight or warrior who needs a safe costume blade worthy of her stature.

Key Features:

  • A licensed Snow White and the Huntsman prop
  • A quality costume prop weapon
  • Has a silver toned blade with gold colored guard and a beige grip
  • Perfectly safe to carry
  • Great for use with our Snow White Warrior Costumes
  • Also a fantastic prop for lady knights and warriors of all sorts


  • Made from sculpted plastic


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