Plastic Ravenna Dagger

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Every evil queen deserves to have a dagger worthy of her sinister look and style. Regal and yet lethal looking, this Plastic Ravenna Dagger is a subtly curved blade that looks like it might have served as a sacrificial dagger at one time. This impressively prop weapon has a number of great details that make it a great addition to just about any dark queen costume you can imagine. The dagger features a silvery steel toned blade that possesses a gentle curve along the edge, as well as a small barb along the back edge of the blade. The hilt is done in a decorative, antiqued gold tone, making it a dagger worthy of royalty, so long as those royals do not mind getting their hands dirty from time to time. The dagger is made from sculpted plastic, making it perfectly safe to use and carry as a costume weapon. As its name implies, it was originally the dagger of Ravenna, and thus, this Plastic Ravenna Dagger makes for a great addition to any of our Ravenna costumes from Snow White and the Huntsman, although it is also a sinister addition to assassin costumes, witch costumes, and all sorts of other medieval and fantasy looks that you might put together.

Key Features:

  • A licensed Snow White and the Huntsman prop
  • A quality costume prop weapon
  • Has a silver toned blade and an antique gold colored handle
  • Perfectly safe to carry
  • Great for use with Ravenna costumes, dark witch looks, and fantasy styles


  • Made from sculpted plastic


  • Length: 13.0 Inches

Measurements are approximate.


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