Plastic Cavalry Sword


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This Plastic Cavalry Sword is based on the straight-edged saber that was favored by horseman and mounted warriors in the military. It has an ornate look befitting an officer, while its plastic construction makes it safe for any child to use and play with. The sword features a hilt capped with a synthetic jewel cap and a rounded hand guard. It is made entirely from plastic, which allows it to serve well as a costume weapon for any child or adult to carry as a part of their costume. It also makes for a great toy to play with, too. Sheathed at their side, this Plastic Cavalry Sword will let any young one look and feel more like a warrior, whether they are playing in the back yard or dressed up for their next costume event.

The hilt is available in either silver or gold – we will send what is available. If you prefer a specific color, please call to see what is available and specify which in your order notes.

Key Features:

  • A Quality Costume Sword and Prop
  • Reflects the Shape of a Fencing Sword
  • Light and Easy to Carry
  • A Perfect Childrens Toy
  • Also a Great Costume Accessory


  • Made from plastic


  • Length: 26 Inches


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