Pirate Scoundrel Boy’s Costume

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If you have got a little pirate running around already, then do him a favor and make sure he is dressed for the part. In the Pirate Scoundrel Boys Costume, he will not only look the part, but he will also be quite the dashing pirate as well. This scoundrels costume features a gauze shirt, a vest with a vinyl embossed trim, a waist sash, a belt, a pair of pants, and boot tops. Each costume also includes accessories that no young pirate would be seen without, including a pirate hat, an eye patch, an earring, and a toy sword. Create the optional scar with your own costume makeup, not included. And, if he has a pirate friend who happens to be female, she can look just as good as he does in her very own Pirate Girl Girls Costume (IN-7004). Aside from the practical application as a darn good Halloween costume, this costume can also be used elsewhere. Your child can turn heads at a Renaissance fair dressed as a rough-and-tumble pirate, or he can show up to any pirate-themed party, where others will walk the plank out of jealously.

Key Features:

  • Superior quality Halloween costume
  • Includes shirt, vest, waist sash, belt, pants, boot tops, eye patch, toy sword, and earring
  • Vest features vinyl embossed trim
  • Awesome Halloween costume
  • Great childrens attire for pirate-themed events and parties
  • Perfect for everyday dress up


  • Made of polyester with vinyl detail
  • Lace-up shirt made of cotton
  • Prop sword made of plastic


  • X-Small (Size 4): Waist – 21-21.5 Inches, Height – 39-41 Inches
  • Small (Size 6): Waist – 22-22.5 Inches, Height – 45-46 Inches
  • Medium (Size 8): Waist – 23-23.5 Inches, Height – 52-53 Inches
  • Large (Size 10): Waist – 24-25 Inches, Height – 54-55 Inches
  • X-Large (Size 12): Waist – 25-26 Inches, Height – 56-58 Inches


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