Pirate Hoop Earrings


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Some pirates believed that piercing your ears with precious metals would make your vision sharper. While there is no guarantee that these Pirate Hoop Earrings will indeed make your sight better, they will make you look like a sharply dressed pirate. These earrings are a classic pirate accessory, being simple gold colored hoops that have been featured on countless pirates in film and fiction. Even real pirates likely would have favored the simple style conferred by such a classic hoop earring. This set contains two clip-on style earrings, which ensures that even if you do not have pierced ears, you can enjoy these pirate earrings. You can wear one or both of these Pirate Hoop Earrings to infuse your chosen pirate costume with a bit more realism and a bit more fantastic pirate character.

Key Features:

  • A Simple Pair of Classic Pirate Earrings
  • Prop Earrings are Traditional Gold Colored Hoops
  • Clip-On Earrings Are Easy and Painless to Wear
  • A Fantastic Compliment to a Variety of Pirate or Swashbuckler Costumes
  • A Great Accessory to Wear for Pirate Gatherings, Costume Parties, Halloween, and More


  • Crafted from Fine Metal


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