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Yo ho ho, if the pirate life is for you, this Pirate Deluxe Kit will help you look like a seasoned buccaneer in no time, complete with a partially healed saber wound. This makeup kit is great for Halloween, costume events, and plays. This special effects kit contains a high-quality scar appliance, highly pigmented cream makeup, a makeup sponge, and detailed instructions to help you achieve a fearsome scallywag look. The high-quality peel and stick transfer does not need a separate adhesive to stay in place. If a pirate is not your style, use your creativity and embody a dueling Musketeer, Cornish literary hero Ross Poldark, or even the notorious mobster Al Capone with this Pirate Deluxe Kit.

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Key Features:

  • Kit includes a prop wound appliance, makeup, makeup sponge, and instructions
  • Peel and stick transfer affixes to your skin without a separate adhesive
  • Fantastic for Halloween, costume parties, theater, and more
  • Perfect for pirate, adventurer, and warrior costumes


  • One size fits most adults


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