Pint of Zombie Black Blood

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Whether you are decorating a zombie horde or creating the scene of a zombie attack, the only constant is that you will need a lot of blood. A Pint of Zombie Black Blood ensures that you do not have to skimp on the bloody details. Unless you plan on painting the town black with blood, this bottle should have all the blood you need to create a whole horde of zombies, while leaving a little left over to create a few choice attack scenes. This bottle is filled with realistic looking blood that is designed to look as though it came from an actual zombie. It even flows and stains like real blood and can be left to coagulate as it dries! Because it comes from a zombie, though, it does have a darker, blacker appearance, which makes it look more like dead blood, rather than vibrant, red blood. This blood is perfect for simulating wounds, cuts, bites, and blood-stains. Please note that it may stain fabrics, so decorate and douse with caution. This bottle contains 1 pint of blood, which translates to 16 fluid ounces. With a Pint of Zombie Black Blood in your tool-kit, feel free to berserk with the blood, spattering and scattering it all about until you have created a bloody zombie horde and the scene of what could only be one of the most gruesome zombie attacks recorded in history!

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Key Features:

  • Flows and Dries Like Real Blood
  • Black Color Simulates Dead Blood
  • A Must-Have for Virtually All Zombies
  • Contains 1 Pint of Blood
  • Perfect for the Halloween Season
  • A Fantastic Touch to Zombie or Zombie Survivor Costumes


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