Pink Unicorn Figurine

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Ancient Greek scholars believed that the unicorn lived in faraway India, describing the creature in their natural history texts. Even more lovely than described, the Pink Unicorn depicts a graceful example of this legendary being. The pure white magical horse features the notable spiral horn emerging from its forehead and a vibrantly pink mane, tail, and fetlock feathering. Flowers appear within the mane, as well, adding more bursts of color. Carefully hand-painted and sculpted, this detailed unicorn collectible will lead to hours of fun playtime!

Key Features:

  • Possesses a high level of detail
  • Figure is hand-painted in vivid color
  • Depicts a white unicorn with pink hair
  • Toy is lead free and thoroughly safety tested
  • Makes a great toy, gift, or collectible for ages 3 and up!


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