Pewter Wedding Glasses

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These Pewter Wedding Glasses look like they were custom-designed for a wedding whose theme was pure elegance. These stunning glasses, along with their lovely stand, are a perfect harmony of romance, style, quality, and of course, originality. This set is an absolute masterpiece that, from the base up, stands as a testament to the beauty and elegance of nature. Two huge relief oak leaves are gently bent and shaped to safely cradle a pair of mouth-blown, lead-free crystal glass horns. The leaves also have a lovely white coloration, which perfectly suits the wedding theme, as well as elegantly contrasts the base. The stems of the leaves entwine around one another and are permanently attached to a polished silver pewter base, which was thoughtfully designed to allow for safe engraving at a later date. Each glass horn is easily removed and replaced, while the base is solid and stable, allowing it to hold the horns whether they are empty or filled. Simply stunning in their design, these Pewter Wedding Glasses would make for a perfect wedding gift to give to any couple, thanks to the stunning beauty and elegance that they will bring to that special moment in their life.

Key Features:

  • Fully Functional and Safe for Use
  • Sold as a Pair of Glasses with a Stand
  • Includes an Engravable Pewter Base
  • Great for Medieval Themed Feasts, Weddings, and Parties
  • A Spectacular Gift for Yourself or a Loved One


  • Crafted from 100 Percent Lead Free Pewter
  • Glass Horns are Hand-Blown from Lead-Free Crystal Glass


  • Glass Height: 10.5 Inches
  • Glass Volume: 0.3 Liters

Measurements are approximate.


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