Pewter Staffordshire Hoard Sea Horse Necklace


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Having been modeled after an actual piece taken out of an immense Anglo-Saxon treasure hoard, this Pewter Staffordshire Hoard Sea Horse Necklace is not just an impressive trinket, but instead an impressive replica of actual historic jewelry. This incredible looking pendant takes the shape of a stylized sea horse, featuring an elongated shape that is almost runic in design. The body of the pendant (and therefor, the sea horse) is highly textured, featuring a small fin at the bottom, while the utter curve gives rise to its head, which almost resembles the typical dragons found on Viking longships. The pendant is made from lead-free pewter, and it is attached to a waxed cord for easy and convenient wearing. Wearing this striking Pewter Staffordshire Hoard Sea Horse Necklace is a great way to give yourself just a touch of same subtle style that was enjoyed hundreds of years ago by the Anglo-Saxons, not mention a great way to give the same style to others as an amazing gift.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from Lead-Free Pewter
  • Features an Impressive Sea Horse Design
  • A Perfect Accent with any Outfit
  • Can be Worn for Special Occasions or with Everyday Outfits
  • A Great Gift or Personal Accessory
  • Comes on an Illustrated Card
  • Includes a Waxed Cord for Wearing


  • Pendant Length: 1.375 Inches
  • Pendant Width: 0.625 Inches


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