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Gargoyles have long been thought of as defenders, so why not let one defend your personal belongings? This Perched Gargoyle Box not only comes complete with a jovial gargoyle but also acts as a great display piece while secretly hiding its contents! This startling box is a great way to hide away all your little items in plain sight! The box features a four sided column base that has been decorated with embossed vines along the base as well as intricate Celtic patterns and knots along the side. The top of the box features a flared lid on which is perched a happy gargoyle that is shaped almost like a dog. At least, the gargoyle looks partially canine, as it possesses a dog body with bat wings and a bestial face with pointed ears and long fangs! The box measures approximately 6 inches tall, 3.25 inches long, and 2.5 inches wide, which makes it perfect for storing away little trinkets of all shapes and sizes. The box is crafted from high quality cold cast resin that has been hand-painted to really give this statue turned box a wonderful, stone hued look. Do you have a few little trinkets that are worth hiding? Or perhaps you just want a nice little storage box that is not an eyesore? Either way, this Perched Gargoyle Box is certainly the one for you, because it is both attractive to look at and great to use for storing away little trinkets and charms!

Key Features:

  • Crafted from Cold Cast Resin
  • Hand Painted to Ensure an Amazing Appearance
  • Possesses a Stunning Level of Detail
  • Perfect For Storing Away Small Items
  • Lid Lifts Away With Ease
  • A Great Gift Idea or Home Decor Item


  • Height: 6 Inches
  • Width: 2.5 Inches
  • Length: 3.25 Inches


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