Pendragon Medal Necklace

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No creature under heaven makes for a more impressive seal or standard than a dragon, and this Pendragon Medal Necklace helps to prove that point. This amulet is a novel little token that features an amazing appearance, as well as a high level of detail. Pendragon is a name that is commonly associated with King Arthur and his family, most specifically his father, who was Uther Pendragon. This impressive little medal features an attached loop so that it can be worn around the neck with ease, provided you just slip a chain through the loop. It is crafted from lead free pewter and thus features a faded metallic hue that perfectly accents its design and appearance. Embossed onto the medallion is an impressively detailed dragon, one that features fine scales and wings as it wraps around the interior of the pendant. It is further accented by the presence of small knot designs that extend up from its back and neck. The pendant is small, measuring only 1.4 inches in diameter. The Pendragon Medal Necklace would make for a great addition to any medieval costume, where the touch of a dragon might lead others to believe in your power, either as a ruler or a warrior. And when you take off the medieval gear you can still enjoy this amulet, as it looks great with modern day wear, too!

Key Features:

  • Crafted from Lead-Free Pewter
  • Depicts a Classic Medieval Dragon
  • Highly Detailed and Decorated with Small Knot Designs
  • A Perfect Accent to Any Outfit
  • Can be Worn on a Daily Basis or for Special Occasions
  • A Wonderful Gift Idea for Loved Ones or Friends
  • Includes a black cord for easy wearing


  • Diameter: 1.4 Inches


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