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Having a cane or a walking stick does not make you any less of a dangerous desperado. In fact, having the right one can enhance your look! This Peacemaker Walking Cane is one such piece that provides great style and solid support that you can lean on. From tip to top, this cane is every inch a masterpiece, possessed of painstakingly crafted design that makes it quite the looker. The shaft is made entirely from fine hardwood and features a stunning coloration, while the handle is carved to resemble the classic hip accessory of the cowboys of old. The grip is reminiscent of a holstered six-gun, featuring checkered texture on the grip, a carved hammer and reel, and even a decorative holster that merges into the canes shaft under a brass ring. The cane measures approximately 36 inches tall, which makes it just the right height for many to carry. So if you plan on taking a stroll, either down the block or in the woods, and you want to have some support and some western style, then do not forget to bring along your trusty Peacemaker Walking Cane. The cane has a weight limit of 250 lbs.

Key Features:

  • Features a Rich, Solid, and Sturdy Hardwood Shaft
  • Decorated with a Carved Western Six-Gun Cane Head
  • Provides Excellent Support
  • Great Walks or as an Accent Piece in Your Costume


  • Handle is made from plastic
  • Shaft is made from wood


  • Length: 36 Inches


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