Pat Garrett Framed Pistol Dark Wood Display Plaque


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According to reports, the replica pistol featured on the Pat Garrett Framed Pistol Dark Wood Display Plaque is modeled on the gun that Garrett used when he hunted down and killed the outlaw William Billy the Kid McCarty. Pat Garrett has a rather complicated history, having once been acquaintances with Billy the Kid. In spite of a rumored previous association, though, Garrett still undertook the hunt for the notorious outlaw when he was made sheriff of Lincoln County, New Mexico. In fact, it was his execution of the Kid that resulted in his fall from grace, as Garrett is rumored to have shot Billy the Kid under the cover of shadows, and left him to die from his wounds, instead of finishing the job. This replica is modeled after the classic 1873 single action army, possessing a wood grip and a classic gunmetal grey finish, which only make this look more like an authentic western pistol. The pistol also features a working single action, which means you can cock the hammer, squeeze the trigger, and even spin the cylinder. The pistol is supported on a stained, darkly colored wooden plaque that features a pair of polished bullet hangers. Also adorning the plaque is a portrait of Pat Garrett, supposedly taken before he shot Billy the Kid in 1881, as well as a nickel Lincoln County sheriff badge that Garrett likely would have worn. The final touch comes in the form of a brass information plate that gives a few details about the pistol. On the wall or a shelf, this Pat Garrett Framed Pistol Dark Wood Display Plaque is a great showpiece that your friends and family will no doubt continue to admire, and even without the plaque, the pistol makes for a fantastic and realistic prop that will complete any western costume or attire with ease.

Key Features:

  • A High-Quality Replica of a Single Action Revolver
  • Pistol Has a Wood Grip and a Gun Metal Grey Finish
  • Pistol Features a Working Single Action
  • Has Polished Brass Bullet Hangers
  • Brass Plate Gives Details about the Pistol
  • Decorated with a Portrait of Sheriff Pat Garrett
  • Frame Possesses a Subdued, Darkened Coloration


  • Length: 18 Inches
  • Height: 7 Inches
  • Weight: 5 lbs.


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