Panama Toucan Walking Cane


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Nothing quite touches on the exotic like a bird from paradise, and of the potential avians, few are as iconic and instantly recognizable as the toucan. This Panama Toucan Walking Cane utilizes this birds iconic beak and design in more ways than one. This classy cane depicts the traditional toucan in shades of brown, although the beak is left in an orange hue for that iconic look and style. The birds head is carved out of brown, wood toned material, while its long beak serves as an effect hand-grip and support for when the cane is put to use. The head is attached to the brown hardwood shaft by a polished brass collar, which adds a touch of gleaming metal to the canes appearance. It measures approximately 36 inches long. The exotic look of this Panama Toucan Walking Cane is hard to deny, and that makes it a great accessory to show off, as well as a helpful and useful accent that you can carry to support yourself when you go walking, either to the store or to the park.

Key Features:

  • Made from Fine, High Quality Materials
  • Features a Rich, Solid, and Sturdy Hardwood Shaft
  • Decorated with a Carved Toucan Bird Head Topper
  • Provides Excellent Support
  • Great for Use on Walks or as an Accent Piece in Your Costume


  • Length: 36 Inches


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