Padded Arming Cuisses


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When marching into battle, you can never have too much protection. These Padded Arming Cuisses are traditionally worn on the upper legs and serves to provide extra padding and protection to keep you mobile during your next medieval conflict. Worn on the upper legs, these padded protectors are made entirely from heavy fabric padding with reinforcements of leather. At the tops of the padded cuisses there are leather straps, which can be attached to tasset belts (or to traditional belts) with lacing and cord to secure them on your legs and keep them in place. The backs also feature a crisscross style lace-up, giving these padded protections a bit more adjustability, in terms of sizing. They can easily be worn alone as secondary defenses, or they can be worn under steel or leather cuisses plates to add in some padding that will make your chosen leg armor that much more comfortable to wear. Sold as a pair, these Padded Arming Cuisses are a great accessory to adding to your attire if you plan on doing any sort of reenactment or medieval fighting.

Key Features:

  • Great for Improving the Fit of a Leg Armour
  • Makes Wearing Leg Armour Much More Comfortable
  • Provides Cushioning From Blows in Reenactments
  • Adds Extra Protection to the Upper Legs
  • Secures with Leather Straps


  • Made of Cotton Canvas with a Polyester Filling

Measurements (Laid Flat):

  • Length: 25 Inches
  • Width: 19 Inches


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