Over Wearer Great Helmet

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There are a number of reasons as to why the great helm earned its name, although the least of which is probably because helms like this Over Wearer Great Helmet made the wearer look like a great, powerful, and intimidating warrior or knight. Modeled after the typical knights great helmet, this impressive helm has a cylindrical shape that wraps the wearers head entirely in metal, providing almost total and complete protection to the head. The rounded top helps to deflect blows off the sides of the helm, while the riveted band along the edges adds a bit of reinforcement, making the helmet stronger along its seams. The front of the helm features a decorative cross display, which also features narrow slits for the wearer to see through, as well as cross-shaped air-vents to help ventilate the helmet (while also allowing the wearer to breathe easier). This helmet is made from high quality metal and is designed to replicate the appearance of ancient medieval helms. Not only would the Over Wearer Great Helmet make a great decoration in your home, mounted atop a nice helmet stand like a piece of medieval memorabilia, but it would also be a fantastic accessory to wear whenever you plan on donning the attire of a true medieval knight.

Key Features:

  • A Traditional Medieval Knights Helmet
  • Modeled After the Great Helmets of History
  • Features a Simple Shape Reinforced by Rivets and Banding
  • Offers a Great Degree of Protection
  • A Great Armor Accent to Any Medieval Soldier or Warrior Costume
  • Stunning as a Display Item, Collectors Piece, or Gift


  • Made from 16 Gauge Steel


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