Ornate Fire Skull Art Scroll


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Stunning art comes in all shapes and forms. This Ornate Fire Skull Art Scroll reproduces a work for all to enjoy, using the tantalizing allure of flames and elegant line work to draw the eye and hold the interest of those who see it. The result is superb, both in this and in the original, so much so that this is one skull that is hard to look away from. The original is a piece done by fantasy artist Tom Wood and titled as Fire Skull. This reproduction stays true to the original, depicting a glowing skull that seems to be born from flames. Orange flickers of flame-tongue dance off the skulls gothic grin. The blazing glow of the flames illuminates the elegant line patterns that flank the skulls top and bottom, adding a secondary sort of detail that, seen at a glance, seems to infuse hints of unseen color into the design, too. This wall scroll is made in polyurethane, and it reproduces the art perfectly, while also featuring two black scroll ends, one of which is attached to a short black cord for easy hanging and display. The Ornate Fire Skull Art Scroll is touch of bright and vivid gothic design, one that is well-suited to almost any style of decor, ranging from casual and contemporary to hardcore goth.

Key Features:

  • Features the fire skull artwork by Tom Wood
  • Depicts a skull born of flame, surrounded by lined patterns
  • Quick and easy to hang and display
  • A stunning gothic piece of wall decor


  • Made of polyurethane fabric


  • Length: 12 Inches
  • Width: 10 Inches


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