Open Brain Zombie Mask


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Nothing says walking dead quite like an exposed brain! Exposing your brain is not nearly as hard as you might think. Reach for this Open Brain Zombie Mask and slip it on, and your grey matter will be exposed for all to see! Hopefully your viewers are not squeamish! This gory mask features classic green zombie skin and a ruined head that exposes pale fleshy brains and bits of bone. And since it is made from quality latex with a fitted design, the mask is quite comfortable to wear too. Add in the fine detail, and this Open Brain Zombie Mask becomes an easy choice when it comes to building your next zombie look, whether it is for Halloween or for a zombie LARP.

Key Features:

  • Features an amazing level of detail
  • Mask has fitted features, so it moves with you
  • Designed for use in LARPing and costuming
  • An easy way to transform yourself into a rotting zombie


  • Made of natural latex


  • Fits a head circumference up to 57-59 centimeters
  • Alternatively, fits a head circumference of about 22.2 to 23.2 Inches


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