Oliver Cromwell Shilling 1658 Replica Coins


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This reproduction coin looks like it was newly minted, just like the coins of the English Civil War would have looked all those years ago. The Oliver Cromwell Shilling 1658 Replica Coins pack includes ten amazingly authentic looking British coins. The shilling was a common coin and currency from the 1550s and on. A typical shilling was as small silver coin, similar in appearance to the earlier Roman denarius. A shilling was typically valued at 12 pence. This shilling was minted during the English Civil War and features a bust of Oliver Cromwell on the obverse, as well as a crowned shield of the protectorate on the reverse. Not only do these coins make for a great gift idea to coin collectors and history buffs, but the Oliver Cromwell Shilling 1658 Replica Coins are also a fantastic choice that will excite reenactors, gamers, and even kids of all ages!

Key Features:

  • Incredibly Detailed Replica Historical Coins
  • Made from Lead-Free Pewter
  • Cast from Originals
  • Features the Same Weight and Fineness of Historic Coins
  • Pack Includes 10 Coins
  • Great for Reenactors, Gamers, History Buffs, Coin Collectors, and Kids


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