Octopus and Waves Wall Hanger


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Just as a kraken may rise out of the ocean, an octopus seems to be rising out of some waves in the Octopus and Waves Wall Hanger. Get it for your decor. This wall hanger has an oval plate. The plate has a dark, wavy pattern. Bronze-colored tentacles reach out of the wavy pattern in addition to the top of the octopus head. All of the tentacles have a curved shape, which allows the hanger to hold eight keys or similar objects. Also, there are two holes, one on each side of the oval, for attaching the hanger to a wall. Mounting hardware does not come included. Attach this swimming octopod to a wall in your home decor or office space.

Key Features:

  • Holds eight keys
  • Attaches to a wall with screws, not included
  • Well-detailed design
  • Wonderful for nautical or steampunk aesthetics
  • Great for home or office decors


Measurements coming soon.


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