Nuke Skull Mask

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As if the threat of imminent zombie attack was not bad enough, now we have to deal with radioactivity? The Nuke Skull Mask is a perfect fusion between the bones of a human skull and the filtration apparatus of a gas mask. This mask is made from high-quality latex and is designed to cover the wearers face and head completely when worn. The mask depicts a human skull that has a large red biohazard symbol engraved into its forehead. The skulls brow is downturned slightly, giving the impression that despite being dead, this skull is still glaring with empty eye-sockets. The skulls nose is empty, although it does feature touches of crimson, indicating that bloodstains remain within the skull. The jaw of the skull has been altered in order to secure a trio of gas mask filters. Unfortunately, this mask will not actually provide any real safety from harmful fumes or radiation. Whether you are a victim of radioactive warfare or a post-apocalyptic survivor, the Nuke Skull Mask is a great addition to your costume.

Key Features:

  • An Intimidating Looking Skull Mask
  • Displays a Biohazard Tattoo and Gas Mask
  • Overhead Design Conceals Your Features
  • Excellent Mask for Survivors and Radioactive Zombies
  • Fantastic For Zombie Walks, Outbreaks, and Undead Events


  • Made from High-Quality Latex


  • One Size Fits Most Adults and Older Teens


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