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Even the best of warriors need to train, and the easiest way to train in safety is to do so with a wooden sword. For those who want to perfect the way of the Japanese sword, a Natural Practice Bokken will be a great choice. Bokken is a Japanese word, meaning wooden sword, and that is precisely what this weapon is. Crafted from oak, this sword recreates the look of a traditional Japanese sword, and at just under three shaku long (one shaku is about one modern foot), it has a fairly accurate size. There is a subtle curve to its form that makes it look all the more like an authentic Japanese weapon. Cloth wrapping on the hilt also allows it to be wielded with a bit more comfort, while nicely matching its natural wood finish. If you are looking to do some solo practice or some light, half-speed sparring, then this Natural Practice Bokken will serve you well when you are lightly training, as it makes touch-sparring or light training that much safer, while still letting the wielder get a feel for the reach and flow of a real sword.

Key Features:

  • A wooden training sword of oriental design
  • Modeled after the katana
  • Crafted from naturally hued oak wood
  • Grip is wrapped for comfort
  • Grip wrapping can be black or brown
  • Designed for solo training or light touch sparring


  • Overall Length: 31 Inches
  • Weight: 1.15 lbs.


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