Molded Jolly Roger Eye Patch


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You do not have to lose an eye to become a pirate. Instead you can just put on an accent like this Molded Jolly Roger Eye Patch! Onlookers will never know the difference and you will appear all the more like a true pirate for it too. This eye patch is made entirely from molded plastic. It possesses an oval-shaped brown patch that is accented by a faded yellow-brass skull with two silver swords crossed behind it. Attached to the molded plastic patch are two strips of fabric that secure the eye patch around the wearers head. It offers complete coverage of the eye and can be worn over either eye with ease. The eye patch is a classic accessory of pirate style and this Molded Jolly Roger Eye Patch is a great way to bring a bit more style and pirate appeal to your chosen pirate ensemble.

Key Features:

  • An iconic pirate eye patch
  • Fully covers the eye when worn
  • Can be worn to cover either eye with ease
  • A classic compliment to almost any pirate, swashbuckler or sailor costume


  • Made from molded plastic


  • One size fits most adults


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