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These days, the only place one can find a 12-pounder cannon like those used in the American Civil War is in a museum. With the Model 12-Pounder Cannon with Base, you can view one such museum exhibit, miniaturized, right at your desk. These cannons, affectionately called Napoleons because of their use in the Napoleonic Wars, were widely employed by both the Union and Confederate armies. This replica features a matte metal barrel on a beautiful wooden frame with a plastic wheel affixed to each side. This figurine comes with a wooden base, complete with a gorgeous finish, that features a chain-link border suspended by metal poles at each corner. The base is engraved with the name and model of the cannon and also includes a small pyramid of tiny metal cannonballs to complement the cannon. The Model 12-Pounder Cannon with Base looks superb on the desk of a curator or historian and is a great gift for scholars of the Civil War era.

Key Features:

  • Depicts a Civil War era 12-pounder cannon
  • Beautifully crafted in sharp, realistic detail
  • Features a wooden base reminiscent of a museum exhibit
  • Makes a great gift for curators, historians, or educators


  • Barrel made of metal
  • Carriage made of wood
  • Wheels made of plastic
  • Base made of wood


  • Cannon Length: 9.84 Inches
  • Base Length: 11.02 Inches


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